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Character Profiles
The Superkirbies
Age Power Info
Pink Smash
23 Smash The leader of the Superkirbies, Pink Smash is equipped with a variety of moves, making him a dangerous opponent in melee combat. He's brave and headstrong, but a little on the dim side and scared to death of spiders and creepy-crawlies.

Yellow Angel
22 Angel/
The second-in-command and only girl in the Superkirbies. She is kind, charitable, and tries to neutralize her opponents instead of killing them. As expected, some of the other members of the group tried to be her boyfriend, but she perfers to keep things professional. She hates being called "Yellow Cupid."

Green Tornado
21 Tornado The most energetic of the Superkirbies, Green is a regular whirlwind of energy. If he doesn't keep moving something at all times, he might literally explode with energy. He doesn't like planning and perfers to make attack plans on the fly.

Sapphire Ice
25 Ice This ice-blue Superkirby serves several purposes as the gang's technician and central planner. He keeps cool under all situations and has an analyical mind. The core of his body has a constant temperature of absolute zero, and he could possibly freeze Pop Star over if he released all his power at once.

Orange Beam
18 Beam The youngest member of the group, Orange Beam is filled with childlike curiousity. He's naive and inexperienced and sometimes unintentionally causes trouble, but he's a sweet kid and knows right from wrong. Although he hates being called a "rookie," especially from Sapphire.

Red Bomb
36 Bomb The oldest active Superkirby, Red Bomb is a regular curmudgeon: he has a bad attitude and isn't afraid to show it. When at home base, he sits away from the others and snaps at anyone that tries to talk to him. He doesn't like active combat and perfers to lob bombs from a distance.

Chocolate Stone
31 Stone This guy isn't a living being so much as an animate rock. He has a tough hide and is the strongest of all the Superkirbies, but he's slow and dumb as a brick. When duty calls, however, he's determined to get the job done. Usually left behind on missions so he doesn't slow down the rest of the group.

The First Generation
Power Info
??? ???

Other Allies
??? ???

Evil Kirbies
Power Info
??? ???

Other Villians
The Squeeks
A gang of mousy theives lead by the formidable Daroach (who cheats his companions for more treasure), Storo is the brawn (who says "Dur..." when he starts talking), Doc is the brains (who cracks bad jokes if he's not explaining stuff in highly technical terms), Spinni is the speed (who gets hit a lot by his comrades by accident), and the Squeakers are the henchmen (who don't talk). They wander the universe in serach of valuable treasures to steal and are currently operating on Popstar. However, they're not as tightly knit as one might think.
Kirby Squeek Squad

A great and evil entity that seeks to dominate the universe. He creates armies of demon beasts to spread his reign of terror. He tries to destroy the Superkirbies as he sees them as a threat to his goals.
Kirby's Adventure, Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land

One of Nightmare's demon beasts and his most trusted advisor. Wiz is able to generate and teleport objects using his magical hat, and acts as Nightmare's emmisary on Popstar.
Kirby and the Amazing Mirror

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